Support the Delray Tech Space membership drive on Indiegogo

Welcome to our nonprofit coworking space! We opened our doors here in Delray Beach one month ago with the mission of building community, educating, and contributing to our technology ecosystem…and now we need your help to make our dreams reality! This community means a lot to us, and we want to make it grow and prosper. Now we need YOUR help to get the word out and fund this campaign.

Join us, and build an awesome community of like-minded peers. And not only join, but bring friends! With your help we can collaborate not only in this space, but on the future of our local ecosystem.

You can start now by choosing the monthly membership perk (only $50!). You can then choose whether to lock in the rate of $50 per month and become a full-time member, or to only join for 30 days. You can always upgrade at a later time, but the code will lock you in at the launch rate of $50 per month.

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